At Hodges Church, we celebrate God and Jesus Christ through prayer, scripture, music, and teachings, welcoming all to join our community.

  • Our weekly services blend contemporary and traditional music, emphasizing the importance of children’s ministry.
  • The Lord’s Supper is observed on the first Sunday monthly
  • The fourth Sunday sees the “Hearts & Hands offering” to support mutual ministries in Jamaica. Participants contribute two cents per meal, fostering family involvement in aiding others.

We invite you to experience our unique Christian fellowship!

Music in Worship

Grounded in Colossians 3:16-17, we believe music in worship glorifies God and uplifts believers. Our music ministry welcomes all, celebrating diverse genres and ages, reflecting God’s power and grace. Through melodies and harmonies, we aim to create a spiritual atmosphere that resonates with the soul, fostering a deeper connection with the divine.

Our Music

Hodges Boulevard Presbyterian Church stands as a beacon of faith, guided by our dedicated Elders and inspired by our Pastor. Rooted in a Reformed Christian perspective, our community is deeply committed to discipleship, channeling Christ’s love into service and mission. Each week, as we gather for worship, music emerges as a powerful force, echoing the Lord’s message of love, grace, and unity.


Our church, HBPC, is distinct in its embrace of a “dual format” for worship. This harmonious blend of contemporary praise and traditional Reformed styles showcases the rich tapestry of our faith. Drawing from the diverse talents within our congregation, our musical offerings are more than just melodies; they are testimonies of faith and devotion. As we come together in song, we celebrate not just the art but the gifted musicians of all ages and abilities who make it resonate with divine purpose.