Our Vision

The youth ministry of HBPC lovingly welcomes, connects, and equips our community’s youth to grow into a lifetime of faith and service. We believe that community is vital to our vision of “growing together”.


Our Mission

Our mission at HBPC Youth Ministry is to CONNECT middle and high school youth to God, help them BELONG to the family of God by building relationships, GROW deeper in their faith so they can SERVE in the church, the local community and beyond. We believe in the power of Spiritual community and “growing together” into a lifetime of faith and service.

  • Ways we CONNECT: Main Worship (Sunday Mornings) & Special Events
  • Ways we BELONG: Annual Traditions & Events, Monthly Fun Events, Retreats & Prayer
  • How we GROW: Sunday Morning Youth, Annual Youth Sunday Service, Confirmation (every 3 years), Discipleship & Mentoring Opportunities & MS/HS Grow Groups
  • Ways we SERVE: Outreach, MS & HS Summer Missions & Trips, Monthly Service Days, Annual VBS, & Ministry Participation


Our Values

Inclusiveness, Love for God and Others, Forever Family, Positive Mind and Spirit, and Faith in God.

  • Inclusiveness: We embrace all individuals as valued members of our faith family.
  • Love for God and Others: We exhibit a love for God and others through a commitment to each other, the youth group, and the church which translates into serving those around us.
  • Forever Family: We know that we are part of the HBPC church family who welcomes and loves us throughout our journey.
  • Positive Mind and Spirit: We encourage a sense of openness and optimism.
  • Faith in God: We practice our faith, surrender our fears, pray for guidance, and gain hope. 


serving breakfast at 
Hope Lodge at Mayo Clinic


When We Meet

Once a month, our youth will have a fellowship or community missional activity like ice skating, bowling, or feeding the homeless, yard work/housework for some of our less-abled members. 

Sunday Morning

Every Sunday during worship in the Youth Room

Our Presbyterian church boasts a dynamic youth ministry, passionately committed to guiding the younger generation on their spiritual journey. Every Sunday morning, our discipleship lessons come alive, seamlessly merging traditional Presbyterian teachings with modern insights that captivate today’s youth.

Through lively discussions and hands-on activities, we aim to equip our youth with a robust foundation of belief, preparing them to be active and compassionate members of both the church and the wider community.

Essential Resources & Connections


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