Who We Are


Our Vision: The youth ministry of HBPC lovingly welcomes, connects, and equips our community’s youth to grow into a lifetime of faith and service. We believe that community is vital to our vision of “growing together”.


Our Mission: Our mission at HBPC Youth Ministry is to CONNECT middle and high school youth to God, help them BELONG to the family of God by building relationships, GROW deeper in their faith so they can SERVE in the church, the local community and beyond. We believe in the power of Spiritual community and “growing together” into a lifetime of faith and service.


Ways we CONNECT:

Main Worship (Sunday Mornings) & Special Events


Ways we BELONG: 

Annual Traditions & Events, Monthly Fun Events, Retreats & Prayer


How we GROW:

Sunday Morning Youth, Annual Youth Sunday Service, Confirmation (every 3 years), Discipleship & Mentoring Opportunities & MS/HS Grow Groups


Ways we SERVE:

Outreach, MS & HS Summer Missions & Trips, Monthly Service Days, Annual VBS, & Ministry Participation


Our Values: Inclusiveness, Love for God and Others, Forever Family, Positive Mind and Spirit, and Faith in God.


Inclusiveness: We embrace all individuals as valued members of our faith family.


Love for God and Others: We exhibit a love for God and others through a commitment to each other, the youth group, and the church which translates into serving those around us.


Forever Family: We know that we are part of the HBPC church family who welcomes and loves us throughout our journey.


Positive Mind and Spirit: We encourage a sense of openness and optimism.


Faith in God: We practice our faith, surrender our fears, pray for guidance, and gain hope. 




Weekly Programming





6th-8th Grade



6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

*Exact dates listed on Calendar


Youth Room


Middle School youth are invited to join on Wednesday nights for fellowship time, games, and a devotional. Some nights the youth will engage in fellowship by sharing a meal together as well.




9th-12th Grade



6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

*Exact dates listed on Calendar


Youth Room


High School youth are invited to join on Sunday nights for fellowship time, games, and a devotional. Some nights the youth will engage in fellowship by sharing a meal together as well.



6th-12th Grade



10:15 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

*Exact dates listed on Calendar



Youth Room


All youth will start together, then break out into separate groups based on HS and MS ministries. The chosen curriculum for this year allows for lots of different conversations and activities so there is sure to be something for everyone!





Youth Calendar



Fellowship/Community Missions


Once a month, our youth will have a fellowship or community missional activity like ice skating, bowling, or feeding the homeless, yard work/housework for some of our less-abled members. Check the youth calendar for specific dates activities!





Summer Missions and Trips


Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 all trips are postponed/suspended until further notice.



Due to the pandemic and uncertainty with travel we are taking our best measures to make sure that our students are safe. We are getting creative by having to consider this “new normal” while thinking ahead to when we will return to gathering physically again. Unfortunately, this pandemic has affected numerous milestones and events which extends to HBPC Youth as well. We are saddened to say that our 2020 Summer Trips have been canceled. We are thankful for the students that have signed up for these trips and are hopeful for when we will be able to meet and travel together again. We are using this time to think of fun activities and mission alternatives for when we return to meeting again. Even during this uncertainty, let us do our best to remain hopeful and to place our trust in our Creator who loves us.







Youth Annual Consents





Get Involved


Please reach out to Amy Zalusky, at if you are interested in volunteering with our youth ministry. When placing our volunteers, we do our best to match your spiritual passions with your serving position.


We will offer meetings throughout the year for training as well as team building activities. To volunteer with our youth we require a background check and Safeguarding training which we facilitate annually, at our Volunteer Orientation. The serving positions available are listed below.

  • Small Group Leader (6-8)

  • Small Group Leader (9-12)

  • Snack/Meal Coordinator

  • Youth Group Home Host

  • Middle School Group Leader

  • High School Group Leader

  • Missions Chaperon


Youth Ministry Emails & Information


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We use the app, CONNECT, our church community for communication. Create an account in Realm. If you do not know your Realm password then please reach out to church office. Then go to your app store and download it or follow link,



Get Connected


General questions, please reach out to Amy Zalusky at 


Phone: (904) 598-4756