As many of you know, and as many of you have lamented, we have been without a Youth Director since last summer. A search committee was formed the first of September, 2017, and they have been working insanely hard to locate a new person to work with our youth. The committee met regularly, advertised far and wide (Presbyterian colleges and seminaries, local colleges, Presbyterian publications, job sites on the internet, etc.), and prayed fervently, but we just had no viable candidates. In fact, in all that time, there was only one remotely suitable applicant, who wound up not being the right person after all. But, we continued to pray with all our might. 


And, God listened. And, God has answered in the most amazing way! 


Through a “coincidental” (which, of course, we do not believe in!) meeting on a mission trip earlier this year, we learned about an organization within the Presbyterian Church (USA) whose specialty is youth ministry, searching for youth directors/ministers, and assisting churches with their youth ministry (note: NOT “program”), by the name of Ministry Architects. They are based in Nashville, but have ministry consultants all over the country who are working with churches, their searches, and their youth programs. Not only did they come highly recommended by a minister in our Presbytery of St. Augustine, who has worked very closely with them for the last ten years, when we checked Ministry Architects’ references, they came in with an A++++++ rating! After much prayer and discernment, your session voted to engage the services of Ministry Architects to help us locate a new Youth Director, restructure our youth ministry, and guide us in ways that will help us be successful where our precious youth are concerned. 


Our Ministry Architects consultants are coming to town later this month to conduct an initial assessment in order to know where and how to start our search and design our youth ministry. There is more information about this visit and the dates just below this column. We hope that all those connected with the youth and our ministry with them will make every effort to attend one of the listening sessions, as they are critical to the success of our search for a new Youth Director. For those who are not directly involved in our youth ministry, there is something of great consequence that you can do, too -PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!


We all know how important and effective prayer is! Please help support this ministry in your church with your frequent prayers. We could not be more excited about working with Ministry Architects, we have absolutely every confidence that this is a “God thing,” and that they will be an enormous blessing to our congregation, and to our youth and their families, in particular.