• Youth Activities

    Our youth visited Conner's A-Maize-Ing Acres for a flashlight corn maze!


  • HBPC Preschool invites you to participate in our 



    October 30 & 31

    9:15 am both days


    Decorate the trunk of your car with preschool friendly decorations and hand out treats to our adorably dressed preschoolers in the church parking lot. Each day 35 children will parade to each car starting at 9:15. Feel free to come by yourself or recruit your covenant group or Bible study class! Contact Hope Henry at 904-254-7304 to get your parking spot!

  • Flowers

    Do you have a special date you would like to recognize with flowers during the Sunday morning worship services? There are many available dates on the flower calendar. Please stop by the receptionist's desk and sign up today. The cost is $30 per arrangement.




  • Angel Tree Coordinator Needed

    For many years Hodges has participated with The Salvation Army in the Angel Tree program to bring joy to needy children at Christmas. The Outreach Committee is looking for someone to take over the coordination of the program this year. The Angel Tree program runs from mid-November through mid-December. Written instructions will be provided and former coordinators will be on hand to assist with questions. This is a very rewarding ministry. If interested please call Carolyn Wohlwend at 904-821-0400.

  • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Update

    HBPC has donated over $6,800 to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance for relief work in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian. Thank you for your donations.


    Your gifts . . serving God . . . changing the world. 

  • Mark Your Calendars!

    2019-2020 Events for 3rd-5th Graders

    Saturday, October 5         

    10:00 to 12:00 Bake Bread for World Communion Sunday


    Sunday, November 17

    12:00 to 2:45 Bowling and French Fries!!!!!


    Sunday, December 15 

    4:30 to 7:00 Progressive Christmas Dinner


    January TBD 

    TBD MOSH Planetarium and Ice Cream Sundaes


    February TBD

    TBD Ice Skating


    March TBD 

    TBD Mystery Party


    April TBD 

    TBD Velocity or Rebounderz


    May TBD 

    TBD Swim Party (Who wants to lend us a pool?)


    June TBD

    TBD DeLeon Springs Park & Pancake House


    June 22-26 

    9:00-12:00 Vacation Bible School


    July 13-17 

    9:00-1:00 FLAME

    More information to follow as dates, times and places are locked in.  Questions?  Call Debbie at 904-223-6922.

  • Nursery Needs New Equipment

    Our Nursery is in need of new equipment. Please stop by the "Wish List" on the bulletin board outside their room. Your help in updating our Nursery is greatly appreciated!







  • HBPC Mission Trip

    Panama City, Florida

    November 10-16, 2019

    Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle in October 2018. Although the storm is long over, the damage to homes and businesses remains. HBPC, in coordination with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, is planning a mission trip to Panama City.

    - The 4 1/2 hour trip to Panama City will be provided.

    - Volunteers will be staying at Gulf Beach Presbyterian Church. Please bring your own linens, pillows and sleeping bags.

    - Kitchen facilities will be available for breakfast and preparing sandwiches for lunch. We will visit local restaurants for dinner.

    - A $120 deposit made payable to HBPC is required to cover the cost of lodging. Other expenses such as meals and incidentals are not included.


    Please contact Jim Pellot at 904-992-8711 or pellot1@bellsouth.net for an application or additional information.












  • Hurricane Season – Emergency Preparedness Guide

    As hurricane season has officially started, the HBPC family needs to start thinking about preparations again this year. Clink the link below to view the City of Jacksonville's 2019-2020 Preparedness Guide.





  • Please be aware worship will be moved to the Fellowship Hall until the repairs in the sanctuary are complete.


    Please be mindful that while the Fellowship Hall is set up for worship, activities that are usually held there should be moved elsewhere until the repairs are complete.


    It has come to our attention that we need to be careful not to place plastic of any kind into our paper recycle bin in the parking lot. One specific example mentioned was the little plastic windows on mailing envelopes can spoil a batch of paper being recycled. It only takes one small piece of plastic to ruin a batch. Please be careful and ensure that if you have any envelopes with the plastic window that you remove it before placing the paper in the bin.


    Also, the Times-Union recently ran an article about recycling. One item that we have mentioned before, and to remind you of again, is to remove all paper labels from metal cans before recycling the cans. Similar to above, a paper label can ruin a batch of recycled metal. And, we have the perfect place for those labels, yep, our recycling bin!


    Thanks for your efforts in keeping our bin full of recyclable paper only.