• Special Message from Pastor Jon

    Hodges Family:


    We have just lived through one of America’s hardest weeks in my lifetime. We had riots based on years of boiling racial tensions, combined with the economic and health devastation of a pandemic. All this comes as we start what is predicted to be an active hurricane season.


    As your pastor, I offer you three assurances:           


    1. God sees and knows what is happening. It may not always seem like it, but God is at work in times like these.            


    2. God calls us to keep praying for victims experiencing hurt and devastation. In Christ, we’re better together. If you are in need to aid, please contact the church.            


    3. Because many predict the end of the world in times like these, I will begin a series this week on the subject. Although some want to sow fear and dread around the topic, I think it is meant as good news. Listen virtually, be encouraged, and find out why.


    Grace and Peace,

    Pastor Jon

  • June - July Activities

    All youth events are still postponed, however we will continue to meet via Zoom. Our plan for Summer 2020 is for youth to continue to gather on Zoom for now and possibly physically again with social distancing. Over the Summer we will meet two times per month for Bible study. In addition, we will plan to offer a fellowship event as well as a mission activity monthly for youth to participate in. Stay tuned for special messages on these activities!


    Sunday mornings 10:00 am – Worship in our main service any time at hbpcusa.org (this may change)

    Sunday evenings 5-5:40 pm - Middle School ZOOM hangout

    Sunday evenings 6-6:40 pm - High School ZOOM hangout


    To Join the Zoom Meeting

    Contact Dakota at dakota@hbpcusa.org

  • Church Activities Update

    All activities at the church, including Sunday services, are cancelled until further notice. Ministry groups and Bible study groups are meeting virtually via Zoom and Sunday worship can be found on our website: https://hbpcusa.org/worship/special-liturgy-sermon



    If you would like to join one of these groups please see the contacts below to receive a Zoom invitation:


    Powered by Zoom larger jpg | larger zoom logo unversity of k… | FlickrBagels & Bibles -George Ross at geoross@comcast.net

    Women's Bible Study - Debbie Abbott at dabbott@hbpcusa.org

    Tweens - Debbie Abbott at dabbott@hbpcusa.org

    Youth Groups - Dakota Czerniak at dakota@hbpcusa.org

  • COVID-19 Fund

    As we are all aware these are unprecedented times and we as a church have to remain strong, prayerful and hopeful. Please help in donating toward the COVID-19 fund which will assist those who have been affected financially during this crisis. The idea is to have the funds available for our own members and the community around us. Donations can be made on our church website online at https://www.mychurchwebsitegiving.com/App/Giving/hodg4140174 or mailed to the church office at 4140 Hodges Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32224. As always, your gifts serving God.....changing lives!!

  • HBPC Preschool Update

    Hello HBPC! The Preschool is in full swing with our May Day Camps. The children have enjoyed playing with friends they haven't seen in months. We continue to have small groups so we maintain all the safety rules set in place. We are HAPPY to say we are opening more camps this summer than ever before through mid-July. Please pass the word along to your communities and we will continue to grow our programs! If anyone is interested please have them contact the Preschool at 904-254-7304. Stay Well!


    Kim Welch

  • Nicaragua Mission Trip Cancelled

    The trip was originally scheduled June 14-21 but has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

  • Have Coronavirus Concerns?
  • Help Stock up Arlington Community Services!!

    ACS is in dire need of non-perishable food items. If you would like to donate but are unable to bring items to the church please call Martha Shaffer at 904-469-9158 or Winston Kamanga at 817-729-1402, and they will make arrangements for a "no contact" pick-up. Let's help save ACS from closing their doors, especially during this crucial time when there is a great need for their services.


    Current needs: Canned Peas, Canned Chicken, Canned meats, Mac 'n Cheese, Canned tomatoes, Canned yams, Canned Potatoes, Gravy, Dry Milk, Hamburger Helper, Pasta Sides, Rice Sides, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Pasta Sauce, Laundry Detergent, Bar Soap, and socks for the homeless.

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