Andy was a state champion debater in high school, president of his national championship team in college, and later a coach at University of Chicago while in Divinity School there. For him, critical thinking and questioning are an important part of faith: if more communities had open discussion and argument before controversial decisions, perhaps consensus would form and fewer splits would happen.


He was a physics major at Emory and was taught to question everything. He en- couraged argument and discussion in his teaching at the City University of New York in philosophy and religion and follows the scriptural imperative to “test every- thing and hold fast what is good” (1 Thessalonians 5:21). Religion and science dis- cussions and finding common ground in public language shared by the non- religious are all part of Andy’s journey, which he believes is enriched by taking the other side, stepping in someone else’s shoes.


When he’s not writing about religion and science or the theology of debate, he’s working on Mobile Wash Unit songs and making cat videos.


Please greet Andy and make him feel welcome.