(Names of PNC members shown in picture above from left to right: Alice Harper, Wezi Blunt, Chris Gesdorf, Maryellen Beiletti, Tod McVey, Bruce Neu, & Ryan Gulick)


Members of the PNC:

Maryellen Beiletti – Dwelling in the Word
Bruce Neu – Everything Else As Needed

Chris Gesdorf – Co-Chair

Wezi Blunt – Secretary
Ryan Gulick – Internet Guru
Alice Harper – Team Builder and Snack Queen
Tod McVey – Co-Chair


These are the church members who have been seeking to discern the person God has already identified as our next pastor.  It is, indeed, a spiritual process.  It is also an arduous, time-consuming, and oftentimes emotional process.  There is no way to predict exactly how long it will take the PNC to identify God’s person, but it is usually 12-24 months (clock typically begins when the interim arrives, not when the former pastor leaves).  The faithful servants on the PNC are training together, studying scripture together, praying together, participating in team building exercises (which is far more important than you might imagine), and doing the hard work of the search.  What they need from you more than anything is your prayerful support.  Pray early, pray often!!  Pray, prayprayprayPRAY!






PNC UPDATE from Tod NcVey & Chris Gesdorf, Co-Chairs

February 3, 2019



Good Morning HBPC.


I am Tod McVey and this is Chris Gesdorf. We are your Co-Chairs of your PNC but most of you know that for going on a year.


Before I continue, how many of the men here wear a size 9.5 shoe? Please stand.


When shopping for shoes—“Just a point” certain styles and makes fit differently. Ladies know this am I right? And you would expect them to at least match.


That is important-Although we usually don’t buy one pair to wear once or for just one outfit.


So your PNC has spent 112 hours over 43 meetings to date—And we have received 63 PIF’s that are reviewed by ALL of us.


We did submit follow up questions to a couple of candidates for clarification.


Prior to the end of 2018, we also advertised in two Presbyterian Magazines and now that the Holidays have passed, we are receiving more PIF’s.


We (your PNC) are focused on finding that 9.5 shoe, so to speak based on all the information from your Focus Group Responses and based on our HBPC Mission statement and our MIF.


Although it is time consuming it is a labor of Love and a journey for our HBPC’s future.


So Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians (Book 1) which “Meant to strengthen and give encouragement” to your faith in your PNC.


Once again we ask for your prayers and Thank You for your time.



PNC UPDATE from Chris Gesdorf, Co-Chair

December 30, 2018



Good Morning

As you know, we continue to seek the Pastor that God has planned for us. One Bible verse that is meaningful to the
committee is “Mark11:24”. “Therefore, I say unto you what things you desire when you pray, BELIEVE that you receive
them and you shall have them.” So as you read and pray, believe that He is preparing us for that Pastor. Just think how
powerful this prayer will be if everyone will pray it.


We are continuing to seek our Pastor. Looking at many PIF’s, listening to sermons, and having many discussions and
prayers among our team family. We have sent advertisements to two (2) Presbyterian Magazines,
Presbyterian Outlook and Presbyterian Today. Because of the Season we believe that we will soon be receiving some
interest from those ads.


Now let’s all pray, Heavenly Father, because we have more than 2 gathered here, we thank you for the Pastor that you
will be sending us. Amen



PNC UPDATE from Chris Gesdorf, Co-Chair

October 7, 2018



Good Morning! This is the Pastor Nominating Committees -fifth update.


The follow are a few facts:


45 PIFs have been received to date


45 PIFs have been printed and distributed to the team to date


45 PIFs have been reviewed and rated


A small handful have been held for further review, –an even smaller handful were sent supplemental questions to answer and provide more information about themselves.


We are currently praying and reviewing the answers. We all haven’t heard the Angels sing yet.


From this point forward we will be exploring other avenues.


So AGAIN we ask that you Pray for us in finding the Pastor that GOD already has chosen for our church


Thank you for listening and your time



PNC UPDATE from Chris Gesdorf, Co-Chair

July 29, 2018



This is the fourth update from the PNC. And I am so very humbled, proud, and honored to introduce to you once again, the members of your PNC team. Maryellen Beleitti, Wezi Blunt, Ryan Gulick, Alice Harper, Tod McVey (my Co-Chair), Bruce Neu. These family members have been working diligently in perfecting our MIF—Ministry Information Form. Just want to give you some data: To date we have met 25 times, each meeting has been 2 ½ to 3½ hours in length and sometimes more than once a week. Cindy tells us we have completed the MIF in record time. Most PNCs take 2 to 3 weeks to complete one of the five narrative questions that are fairly lengthy and involved. We DID NOT take that long.


We have submitted the MIF to the Session and they have approved it!! We are able to announce that the form has been submitted to our Presbytery and they have approved it. We will need to complete a few steps THEN, we will be ready to pull our first match (this is like Our work will be to review the Personal Information Forms (PIF) of the pastors with whom we have been matched, to discern God’s called Minister for our church.


So again we are asking for your fervent prayers.


Thank you for listening and your time!



Pastoral Call Process Checklist


  1. Dissolve pastor’s call.
  2. Call an interim pastor.
  3. Secure permission to elect a PNC.
  4. Session recommends size for PNC (in our case, 7).
  5. Church members (not the session) submit members’ names to the congregational nominating committee for consideration to serve on PNC.
  6. Slate of names to serve on PNC prepared by nominating committee, to be voted on by congregation.
    Call a congregational meeting to elect the PNC.
  7. Elect PNC.
  8. PNC is trained by interim pastor (Dr. Cynthia M. Benz), with a little help from former Presbytery Executive and church member (Steve Benz), and presbytery liaison Mary Brown, Kristie Hall.
  9. PNC appoints specific responsibilities within its committee: chair or co-chairs, secretary, internet communicator, devotional leader, team building exercise leader, and EEAN (Everything Else As Needed).
  10. Mission study takes place in focus group meetings.
  11. Analysis report of focus group results is prepared by interim pastor and presented to the PNC, then session, then congregation.
  12. Session provides Mission Statement and pastor’s salary range to PNC for MIF.
  13. PNC develops MIF.
  14. Session approves MIF.
  15. Presbytery approves MIF.
  16. MIF is entered into CLC system.
  17. PNC determines method by which to evaluate PIFs.
  18. PNC “pulls matches” from CLC system and receives and reviews PIFs.
  19. PNC narrows down PIF choices, including the tasks:
    1. check personal references,
    2. “red flag check” with Presbytery Executive,
    3. schedule interviews (phone, Skype/FaceTime, and in person).
  20. PNC identifies nominee and extends call.
  21. PNC negotiates Terms-of-Call with candidate.
  22. Presbytery Member Preparation and Call Commission examines candidate and approves Terms-of-Call.
  23. PNC reports call to session and requests that they call a congregational meeting.
  24. Session calls congregational meeting to elect new pastor.
  25. Pastor is elected.
  26. The call is signed (paperwork) by the PNC and the Preparation and Call Commission.

… and all the while, every step of the way, PNC prays for guidance and discernment.

NOTE: All items on checklist that have been completed are shown in green.



Presbyterian Acronymns 


In searching for a new installed pastor here at Hodges Boulevard Presbyterian Church, we will encounter quite a few acronyms – the Presbyterian Church is famous for them!  As information, here are the ones we will likely encounter the most, along with brief explanations. 

  • BOC – Book of Confessions.  This is Part I of the two parts of the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  It begins with the “Nicene Creed,” which is the oldest, and until three General Assembly’s ago, the last confession was “A Brief Statement of Faith.”  The newest edition of the BOC includes “The Belhar Confession,” making a total of 12. 
  • BOO – Book of Order.  This is Part II of the two parts of the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  This is more of a daily guide to how to be a good Presbyterian, which includes four sections: Foundations, Government, Worship, Discipline.  
  • CLC – Church Leadership Connection.  This is the denomination’s department (and website) that helps match churches and pastors who are searching.    (
  • COM – Committee on Ministry.  Ministers are not a member of a congregation, they are members of the presbytery and, in most presbyteries, are under the auspices of the COM, who appoints a liaison to walk alongside congregations as they search for a pastor. 
  • CPM – Committee on Preparation for Ministry.  When men and women are called to ministry, and typically while they are in seminary, they are typically under the care of a presbytery’s CPM, which works with, encourages, and guides them in the process of becoming a Presbyterian minister. 
    (In the new structure of the Presbytery of St. Augustine, the functions of the COM and CPhave been folded into one Member Preparation and Call Commission.) 
  • EP/GP – Executive Presbyter/General Presbyter.  This is an administrative member of the presbytery staff with a multitude of duties, not the least of which is to give pastoral care to ministers, work with and guide churches when they are in conflict, and serve as a resource to the many committees and commissions of the presbytery.  During the search process, an Executive’s main functions will be to train the PNC, be a resource for any number of issues that may arise, and do “red flag checks” on possible candidates (a reference check of sorts with the candidate’s Executive or General Presbyter). 
  • MIF – Ministry Information Form.  This is a ten page ministry narrative document that describes the church and the kind of pastor for whom it is searching.  It is typically put together by the PNC, based on the information gathered from the congregation by various means.  It is approved by the session (who actually “owns” the document), then by the presbytery (the COM), then is uploaded into the denomination’s CLC database, which is where the matching process takes place.  (If it sounds similar to a computer dating program – you’re right!  It is!)  If you are interested in seeing what this document looks like, you can download either a Word or PDF copy of it here: 
  • PCUSA – Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  This is the mainline denomination of which we are members.  There are other Presbyterian denominations (Presbyterian Church of America, Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians, Cumberland Presbyterian, and a few more), so it is helpful to state which one we are. 
  • PIF – Personal Information Form.   We affectionately refer to this as a “Presbyterian Resume.”  When a church is searching for a pastor, it is very helpful for the search committee to be able to compare apples to apples when reviewing information.  The PIF is similar in format to the MIF, in order for matching to take place.  This is a twelve page document, including one page of instructions.  You can  download either a Word or PDF version at the following web address:  
  • PNC – Pastor Nominating Committee.  In other words, the SEARCH COMMITTEE!  See description and list of members above.


PNC UPDATE from Chris Gesdorf, Co-Chair

July 1, 2018


“The Lord our God we will serve, and His voice we will obey” Joshua 24:24


Only to say, if we want God to hear our prayers, we must surrender our selfishness and stubbornness to Him…and the PNC members are working real hard to do just that; in that we are following the process.


This is the third update from your PNC. Each of our meetings are 2 to 3 hours in length and we also are meeting more than once a week. As I have previously mentioned, in other updates, that the MIF consists of questions regarding data about our church AND narrative questions. We have completed the data questions and are over halfway through the narrative questions. We will again be meeting today and as long as it takes to complete the MIF in order for GOD to direct the Minister to answer our call.


So AGAIN we ask that you Pray for us in finding the Pastor that GOD already has chosen for our church.


Thank you for listening and your time!



PNC UPDATE from Chris Gesdorf, Co-Chair

April 8, 2018



First of all, I am bringing words from ALL of the PNC team.  We want you to know how honoredhumbled, and blessed we are to be serving you in the search for our Pastor.  Please know that the Focus Group meetings are so very important and that we take all that is said into our search for a new pastor.  


Each meeting starts with TIME in the Word.  We read the selected passage several times and then discuss our understanding of the passage in depth.  Only to say that we pray that GOD will make it so apparent to us of whom he has chosen to meet the needs of our church and people.  


We have gotten to know each of our team members and their strengths.  In addition we are in constant training…… 

Training in the Process 

Training in the Procedures  

Training in Terminology    AND 

Training in Patience 


WE are ALSO asking something from YOU……That is… PLEASE be in PRAYER.   


We want to do the BEST job for you and GOD! 




PNC UPDATE from Chris Gesdorf, Co-Chair

May 20, 2018



Good morning.


This is the second update from your PNC team.  Since April 8th, the last update, we have had 5 meetings.


At these meetings we have: 

  • Reviewed and got a clearer understanding and flow of the Ministry Information Form-better known as the MIF. 
  • Attended 7 Focus Group meetings-and we appreciate all the comments that were given. 
  • Received and dissected the Analysis report 

The Session will receive and review the Analysis report on May 24th.


On June 10th at the 10 hour, you, the congregation, will receive a review of the Analysis report.


There are 5 narrative questions on the MIF that the PNC will need to answer with only 1500 characters per question, using the data received by you at our Focus Group meetings.  Along with the narrative questions the MIF includes data regarding specifics of our church and congregation.


So, that brings us to now… we are meeting to formulate the answers to the narrative questions.  When we have the MIF completed we will submit it to the session.  Once they have reviewed it we will then submit it to the Presbytery.

So, AGAIN, we ask that you PRAY for us in finding the Pastor that GOD has already chosen for our church.