Hodges Blvd. Presbyterian Church

May 23, 2017




Wear RED on

Pentecost Sunday, June 4th




We are preparing for the 25th Anniversary of HBPC! Please save the date of September 24th, 2:00-5:00 pm to celebrate our past and our future!

We are looking for pictures, memorabilia, addresses of former members, etc.  Please contact the church office at 223-6922 or spalmer@hbpcusa.org.  We look forward to your support (volunteers welcome!)


June 4-11

Family Promise

Volunteer to help with our Family Promise Families, who will be staying at the church beginning next Sunday June 4th through Sunday June 11th. Prepare an evening meal, provide food for the Day Center (where those looking for jobs and small children go during the day), do laundry, fix Sunday breakfast, spend time with the families on Saturday, or spend the night during the week. HBPC has been hosting Family Promise Families for ten years and it takes the whole congregation to make this work. Dinner could be a joint effort. Why not get a group of people together and share the different elements of the meal. Please contact Diana Dana at 273-1392 or 679-2392 



Blood Pressure

Screening May 28th

Adult/TeenBlood Pressure Screening

  •  every 2nd & 4th Sunday
  •  between services
  •  Pastor's office



 Deacon Crystal Phillips is handling prayer requests.  If you would like to join the prayer chain or have a prayer request, let Crystal know at:






5/23      Program Staff 9:00 am

             Art Class 9:30 am

             Staff Meeting 10:30 am

5/24      Bibles and Bagels 7:00 am

             Women's Bible Study 9:15 am

             Traditions Choir Rehearsal 6:30 pm

5/25      Betty's Buddies 11:30 am

             Session 7:00 pm

5/26      Bus to Symphony 9:00 am

             Russian Fellowship 6:00 pm

5/28      Guest Preacher 9 & 11

5/29      Office Closed (Memorial Day)


Miscellaneous Information

  • Need a table in the narthex on Sunday morning to promote a project or cause?  Please coordinate with the office for a table.
  • You can listen to sermons online on our website:  www.hbpcusa.org 
  • Our latest newsletter (Church Key) www.hbpcusa.org is available on our website
  • Like us on Facebook:   Hodges Presbyterian Church



paper recyclingThe Paper Recycling Bin

is in the corner of our parking lot.


The following items may be

placed in the bin:  

Newspapers, Magazines

Catalogs, Fax paper

School and Office paper

Notebooks, Folders, Mail


We also have bins for recycling plastics, glass and aluminum cans outside the kitchen. Ink cartridges, toner, etc. have a box in the hallway (we no longer have a battery recycle source.) 



Thank you for reading this EBlast 

from Hodges Blvd Presbyterian Church!

4140 Hodges Blvd.,

Jacksonville, FL  32224
 phone:  904-223-6922  

fax:  904 337-4341 

email:  hodges@hbpcusa.org






May 28, 2017


Guest Preacher







Church Beautification Weekend


We will be working Friday, Saturday and Monday beginning at 8:00 am  and Sunday beginning at 1:00 pm.  We would like to finish the medians (yay!) and do a little touch up around the church too.  Don't worry--it's not all hard labor activities.  We will have some heavy machinery to help us out this weekend!  Come and do what you can for however long you would like!  Bring work gloves and don't worry--we will give you instructions.  It's not complicated.  The things we will need help with are:           

  • spreading and leveling sand
  •  nailing the spikes in
  • trimming off the excess turf
  • trimming the little black strings
  • (please bring scissors)
  • weeding the gardens on the church grounds 
  • sweeping around the islands
  • rip out the junipers on two islands       

If this isn't your thing, maybe consider:

  • Bringing snacks or cold drinks mid- afternoon 
  • Bringing lunch for the crew (let me know)
  • Come around 2:30 and help with cleaning up

You will have such a sense of accomplishment and will get to look at these medians for a long time and know that you were a part of this!  Let Fletcher or Grant Alexander know if you have any questions or let Becky Harkness know if you want to bring lunch.  Thank you!




Wednesday Morning

Bible Study


The last lesson for THE SHACK will be Wednesday, May 17th.  Then Wednesday May 24th and 31st will be the wrap up of the study BETTER that began before Lent and we have a couple of chapters to finish.  The Wednesday Women's Bible Study will be off for the summer and will begin again Wednesday, September 13th. 



Small Groups


Would you like to be a part of a great small group?   Call Nancy Hughes at 703-589-5418 to get connected!  Support, comfort, ccomradery, accountability are just some of the benefits of getting to know others who are going on the same faith walk as you are.








 Medical Device 

Loan Program


The Board of Deacons has a medical device loan coordination program.  Anyone in the Hodges Church family who has a need in borrow a medical device can contact the Deacons at:  


Do you have a device to loan?  Let the Deacons know and they'll share the detals.



Deacon Information

  • The Board of Deacons has a dedicated e-mail address.  if you would like to contact the board, or any member of the board, please e-mail your comment(s), concern(s), or any type of information you wish to send, to  deacons@hbpcusa.org
  • All e-mail is automatically forwarded upon receipt to the moderator for appropriate action.
  • Do not hesitate to contact any deacon, or send an e-mail to the above address if you feel the board can help meet a need.
  • The stated monthly meeting for the Board of Deacons is the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall