Hodges Boulevard Presbyterian Church

July 25, 2017


Summer Worship Time

10:00 am 

July 2nd through September 10th





The Rev. Dr. Cindy Benz

The Session and Transition Team are very excited to announce that Rev. Dr. Cynthia M. Benz will be joining Hodges church as Transitional Pastor on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. She has been privileged to have served interim pastorates in churches in the Presbyteries of East Tennessee, Redstone (Western Pennsylvania), and St. Augustine (Jacksonville, FL). In addition to interim ministry, Cindy loves older adult ministry and stewardship. She earned her Master of Divinity at Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, and her Doctor of Ministry degree in Interim Ministry from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Kentucky. Cindy answered her call to ministry and started seminary after working many years for SunTrust Banks and when her younger daughter started college.



In order to make this project happen, we need painting volunteers Monday and Tuesday.  Please call Becky Harkness and say you'll help 234-7462.


We will be painting the kitchen walls and are looking for help.  Please let Becky Harkness know (brharkness@comcast.net) if you can help in any of the days below:

  July 30 Sunday   Immediately following church we will unload the kitchen

                               (not cabinets or pantry yet)

  July 31                 Prep kitchen and begin painting

  Aug 1 & 2            Paint

  Aug 3 & 4            Matthew will strip and wax the floor

  Aug 5 Saturday  Re-load kitchen



Our SUMMER WORSHIP SERIES welcomes special music leadership groups each Sunday and we encourage you to come and worship with us! Our leaders will bring their own unique musical styles into worship and we appreciate their gifts of time and talent in the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here is our summer line-up ...


07-30 - Summer Choir Sing Along

08-06 - Emily O'Neill and Jordan Kennison

08-13 - Nancy Hughes and Friends

08-20 - Youth Sunday

08-27 - Heather Wakefield and Friends

09-03 - Joel Kovacs and Friends

09-10 - RALLY DAY with the Praise Band and Traditions Choir






3:30-6:00 pm

Anyone with an interest in a specific booth,

please contact Chris Cavan

If you would like to volunteer or need more information,

contact Chris Cavan




The 25th Anniversary planning committee needs to borrow silver trays and silver ice buckets.  And we are also looking for someone who can do calligraphy.  Please contact Tish Hubbard at 904-994-0337 or tishhubbard@mac.com.  If you have memorabilia you'd like to share, please let the office know.  We are happy to have volunteers for decorations, history, pictures, etc.



September 24th

2:00 pm





7/24-29   Playground Equipment Installation

7/26        Choir Rehearsal 6:00 pm; Technology Committee 7:00 pm

7/21        Russian Fellowship 6:00 pm

7/30        Rev. Dr. Ron Smith Guest Preacher


Miscellaneous Information

  • Need a table in the narthex on Sunday morning to promote a project or cause?  Please coordinate with the office for a table.
  • You can listen to sermons online on our website:  www.hbpcusa.org 
  • Our latest newsletter (Church Key) www.hbpcusa.org is available on our website
  • Like us on Facebook:   Hodges Presbyterian Church



Deacon Information

  • The Board of Deacons has a dedicated e-mail address.  if you would like to contact the board, or any member of the board, please e-mail your comment(s), concern(s), or any type of information you wish to send, to  deacons@hbpcusa.org
  • All e-mail is automatically forwarded upon receipt to the moderator for appropriate action.
  • Do not hesitate to contact any deacon, or send an e-mail to the above address if you feel the board can help meet a need.
  • The stated monthly meeting for the Board of Deacons is the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall




July 30th

Guest Preacher


Dr. Ron Smith


"Joseph:  From Pit to Pinnacle"


"Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?"


Genesis 50:15-21



From the

Transition Team

The Transition Team will continue to provide pastors who deliver impactful, and  thought-provoking sermons through the rest of the month of July and also in August. You will not want to miss any of the worship services through the rest of the summer.



Blood Drive


August 13th


8:15 am-12:15 pm

(coffee & donuts

for those who come early!!)

Please call Tim Keeley

for information or appointments



Picture ID issued by federal, state or local government agency required.



Last collection Sunday is

August 6th!


Clean out your drawers and bring tee shirts because our HBPC Women will be taking tee shirt donations- new or old, colored or white. There is a collection box in the church narthex and/or office to benefit Retreaded.



ACS Needs for July


School Supplies

Jiffy Mix

Canned Meat

Powdered Milk

Bar Soap





Small Groups


Would you like to be a part of a great small group?   Call Nancy Hughes at 703-589-5418 to get connected!  Support, comfort, ccomradery, accountability are just some of the benefits of getting to know others who are going on the same faith walk as you are.




Medical Device 

Loan Program


The Board of Deacons has a medical device loan coordination program.  Anyone in the Hodges Church family who has a need in borrow a medical device can contact the Deacons at:  


Do you have a device to loan?  Let the Deacons know and they'll share the detals.



The Paper Recycling Bin is in the corner of our  parking lot.


paper recycling


The following items       may be

placed in the bin:  

Newspapers, Magazines

Catalogs, Fax paper

School and Office paper

Notebooks, Folders, Mail




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