What is Stewardship?

Presbyterians, with other Christians, believe that God created us and the world in which we live. That, we, and all we have, belong to God. Our brief Statement of Faith says, “In life and in death we belong to God . . . . . . . we rejoice that nothing in life or in death can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Stewardship is about making choices, as individuals and in community. It is more than giving money to the church. Stewardship is about being faithful disciples, caring for and managing all that God has given us.

Stewardship is not just one part of Christian discipleship; it involves every aspect of life in all the stages of life. Everything a person does once they confess Jesus Christ as their savior, is stewardship. When a person discovers gratitude, as a motive for giving, the heart and the mind work together to make these important stewardship choices. Stewardship is the grateful response to God's grace and goodness. It requires a consideration of how our choices affect us and others; of how we can be good caretakers of the created world, and of how we can best serve God as disciples of Christ. Presbyterians believe stewardship is caring for all of God’s creation every day. Good stewardship begins with us. It means caring for our minds and bodies in healthful ways. It means learning and regular attendance at worship. It means using our time and talents for God’s purposes. Good stewardship of God’s world requires us to take an active role in caring for the earth and its resources and also participating in the political process. It requires us to exercise our vote, express our opinions, and stay informed about issues. Good stewardship means preparing for retirement and for our legacy after we die.

We, at Hodges Boulevard Presbyterian Church, believe in Everyday Stewardship. Stewardship is what we do every day of our lives. There are many opportunities at Hodges to practice stewardship. An easy way to remember some of the main aspects of stewardship are the 5 T’s: Time, Talent, Treasure, Trash (for recycling and living ‘green’) and Tissue (healthy living and, blood and organ donations).

It is easy to get started towards good stewardship. If you have not completed a Time and Talent offering recently, it is easy to do.

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The Stewardship mission Team