The Reverend Dr. J. David Pierce

A Word about our Pastor ...

We are pleased to have David and his wife, Jenny, as part of the Hodges Blvd. Presbyterian Church family. He brings a history of leading churches into renewal and growth. Strong biblical preaching relevant to everyday life, as well as a compassionate pastoral care, are some of his gifts that we enjoy.

David has a passion for the church and has been involved in the Presbyterian Church (USA) at all levels. Prior to his pastorates, David was the President of Cook College & Theological School, the Seminary Dean and University Vice President at the University of Dubuque, and he held faculty positions as a Professor of Pastoral Theology, as well as a Professor of Psychology at various universities. He has advanced degrees in both psychology and theology. His Ph.D. in Religious and Theological Studies was granted by Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

David and Jenny have two children. Son Andrew is an attorney in Tampa; their daughter Andrea and her husband Joshua live in Jacksonville; Andrea is in private practice as a Doctor of Audiology and the mother of their first grandchild, Evie. David and Jenny enjoy sailing on their boat, "Knot@Work" when not immersed in pastoral duties.

Please email David at if you need help or request a call from him.

A Word from our Pastor ...

It is my highest joy to be a pastor and a friend to all come to Hodges Boulevard Presbyterian Church. Do not hesitate to contact me for any reason, and please let me know when you are in the hospital or in other special circumstances. Sometimes the presence of a pastor makes a difference - just knowing that we are prayed for and not alone before God can give us strength.

Hodges Blvd. Presbyterian Congregation is my family in Christ. As in all families, we are each different with various backgrounds and needsóbut we all belong, and we are all important. Some are married and some are single. A few are biblical scholars while others are new to the faith. Some think in conservative ways, others in more liberal ways. The important thing is how we treat one another in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

What a great place this is! It is a family of God.

Pastor David