What is Evangelism?

“ Joyfully sharing the good news of Jesus Christ ”

Hodges welcomes all visitors and potential members. Our Evangelism Mission Team works to seek out potential members and visitors. We hope you will visit soon and consider making Hodges your church home.

"Bring a Friend" 

Evangelism sponsored a successful campaign where members made pledges to bring a friend to church.  Even though the campaign is officially over, we encourage everyone to remember this proven evangelistic method of reaching out to others.  Keep the frame of mind of evangelism just by a simple invitation to attend our church with you.  The majority of new members in any church say the #1 reason they first attended a particular church was that someone invited them.

Discovery Class (For New Members)

Our Evangelism Mission Team sponsors a Discovery Class every six weeks or so. During this class we provide vital information about our church and the ministries of the church. The minister leads the class in an understanding of our beliefs and our expectations of our members. Insights into the makeup of the church and how it relates to the Six Great Ends - Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship, Missions, Evangelism, and Ministries – are explained with opportunities for participation in an informal setting. After attending the class, participants will have an opportunity to join our church as an active member.
Check our calendar to find the next New Members Class.

Greeters and Visitor Followup

Greeters welcome visitors as they arrive, assist them in getting nametags and introduce them to other members.  Visitors are contacted later by letter and phone and encouraged to return.  If they desire, they will be offered opportuniity for participating in other church activities.

Our Friendship Pad

During the service we request that all attending sign our Friendship Pad. We want to know who our visitors are and how we can contact them. Reading the pad after it is signed during the service also allows each person to know who is sitting on the pew.

Sunday Hospitality

Evangelism provides a Sunday Hospitality Service where coffee, tea or lemonade and other refreshments are served after both services to encourage fellowship.  This is a good way for visitors to get acquainted with members of the congregation and for members to get to know each other better.

Public Information

Evangelism insures that church events are adequately publicized so visitors are invited and know they are welcome.  This is done in many ways, including website, newspapers, permanent signs, temporary signs for individual events and direct mail to persons who have recently moved into our neighborhood.

Neighborhood Liaison

Evangelism fosters liaison with our local neighborhood, including outside groups using our church as a meeting place, such as the Boy Scots, Preschool, Mayo Transplant Group, TOPS and others.  We want them to know that they are invited to join us for worship and enjoy our full range of activities.


Please let us know if we can help by either calling the church office or send an email via the Feedback. You can also let us know via this link if you are interested in becoming a member of our church. Feedback